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Pro Packs – Summer Run



BnR Soft Bead Summer Run Pro-Pack feature 5 colors of fish catching beads in 8, 10 and 12 mm sizes.

The beads are designed specifically for those targeting the feisty summer runs that amaze us with acrobatics when hooked. One of my favorite fish of the year. This pro pack features the very first eyed Soft Beads than BnR Tackle has released. Get yours while they are available!

The Summer Run Pack features handmade 8, 10, and 12mm beads in the following color options which were handpicked to specifically target summer run fun.

• Red Eye
• Green Eye
• Roe
• Pink Sheen
• Pearl Pink

Also included in each pack are stops and sequins!

Note: Due to lack of use, we are no longer including tubing/bead sleeves in the packaging. After much consultation we found that most customers do not see the value of a free sliding bead. If you like to use the tubing, please let us know and we will send some with your order.

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