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Trout fishing in Alaska is the most unique of all the fisheries discussed on this site. The size, quantity, and abilities of these fish is the most unique experience that I have had in all my Alaska trips. The driver for this amazing fishery is the presence of the millions of spawning chinook, sockeye, pink, …

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Steelhead are typically categorized as being either summer run or winter run fish. This is meant to distinguish between Steelhead that return into fresh water from the ocean in the summer months or winter months. Steelhead are very flexible to given freshwater conditions and there exists a lot of variation in run timing depending on …

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Coho runs in the Pacific Northwest are strongest from the mid-Oregon coast north all the way to northern Alaska. The run timings often overlap with Chinook and early winter steelhead, in many rivers it is common to be able to catch two or three different species in a given day. It is safe to assume …

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