BnR Tackle Twitching Jigs – Situk Pack


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BnR Tackle Twitching Jigs – Situk Pack $42.99

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BnR Tackle is excited to offer a custom Situk River Twitching Jig pack developed in conjunction with guides from the river. This combo of colors and sizes will meet the range of conditions you can expect to experience on your trip. Just keep the jigs out of all that wood and watch out for the bears!

Each Situk box includes:

9 BnR Twitching Jigs:
(1) 3/8 and (1) 1/2 – Hawk
(2) 3/8 and (1) 1/2 – Purple/black
(1) 3/8 and (1) 1/2 – Pink
(2) 3/8  – Kruella

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