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Soft Bead - NW Steelheaders - 8 mm $5.79

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Soft Bead - NW Steelheaders - 10 mm $5.79

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Soft Bead - NW Steelheaders - 12 mm $5.79

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Soft Bead - NW Steelheaders - 14 mm $5.79

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Soft Bead - NW Steelheaders - 16 mm $5.79

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Soft Bead - NW Steelheaders - 20 mm $5.79

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Soft Bead - NW Steelheaders - 25 mm $7.99

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Soft Bead - NW Steelheaders - 32 mm $9.15

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BnR Tackle of North Plains, OR is proud to announce the release of its Limited Edition Northwest Steelheader beads, just in time for winter steelhead fishing in the Pacific Northwest. BnR Tackle has partnered with the Northwest Steelheaders to create a new color of soft bead endorsed by the Northwest Steelheaders.

BnR Tackle approached Northwest Steelheaders leadership in August 2017 with the idea of co-branded a steelhead fishing bead specifically in order to help the association and promote fishing and conservation in the northwest. Brandon Wedam, co-owner of BnR Tackle said, “I’ve always admired the work of the Northwest Steelheaders, and my brother Ryan and I were looking for a way to help the group beyond just donating, and we came up with the idea of a Steelheaders Edition bead.”

The Northwest Steelheaders is grateful to BnR Tackle for its support, and is excited by this opportunity. “We’re humbled by this gracious offer,” said Executive Director Bob Rees. “The Northwest Steelheaders depends on the generosity of its members, volunteers and donors to pursue our goals of making sure there are places to fish and fish to catch, and BnR’s offer of partnership really touched us.”

Founded in 1960, the Northwest Steelheaders is Oregon’s oldest non-profit conservation and angling association. The Northwest Steelheaders works to improve fisheries through waterways conservation and advocacy; improve public access to fisheries; and educate the public about the importance of protecting the Pacific Northwest’s salmon and steelhead. The Northwest Steelheaders also works to educate the public about angling in conjunction with the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife through fishing clinics and its annual Family Fish Camp. Visit to learn more about the association and its efforts.

  • 8mm: 15 beads, 10 custom T-stops
  • 10mm: 10 beads, 10 custom T-stops
  • 12mm: 10 beads, 10 custom T-stops
  • 14mm: 10 beads, 10 custom T-stops
  • 16mm: 10 beads, 10 custom T-stops
  • 20mm: 8 beads, 10 custom T-stops
  • 25mm: 4 beads, 10 custom T-Stops
  • 32mm: 3 beads, 5 custom T-Stops

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


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