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Soft Bead – Scheele Ice-Clear Bead


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Have you ever had a perfectly good practical joke go wrong? Well, that is how we ended up with the clear bead on the market. After a number of lengthy debates with  good friend and excellent guide Grant Scheele regarding the importance of color when selecting beads I came up with a test to solve the debate. Grant was of the belief that in his river system profile and shape were more important than color. I contended that while profile and shape were important color definitely played the key role. In order to test out my theory I made a batch of clear beads of different sizes. Then I told Grant that I had some new colors and asked if he would like to test them out and the sent him a real nice pro pack of clear beads. Unfortunately I did not foresee that Grant would fish them and soon after the number of clear bead caught steelhead photos I received proved that Grant may have been more right than I would have thought.

8mm-15 beads/pack

10,12,14,16mm-10 beads/pack

20mm-8 beads/pack

25mm-4 beads/pack

Note: Due to lack of use, we are no longer including tubing/bead sleeves in the packaging. After much consultation we found that most customers do not see the value of a free sliding bead. If you like to use the tubing, please let us know and we will send some with your order.

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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