Soft Bead – Yeller Roe


Each package contains beads and custom T-stops.

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Soft Bead - Yeller Roe - 8 mm $5.39

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Soft Bead - Yeller Roe - 10 mm $5.39

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Soft Bead - Yeller Roe - 12 mm $5.39

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Soft Bead - Yeller Roe - 14 mm $5.39

In stock

Yeller Roe is designed to mimic the paler, older version of the brighter chartreuse eggs sometime seen fresh from the sucker spawn and other species. This color was designed with significant feedback from Danny Colville of Colville Outfitters. Give it a shot….you will not be sorry.

Each package will contain one of the following options:

We are only offering Yeller Roe in sizes 8-14mm

  • 8mm: 15 beads, 10 custom T-stops
  • 10mm: 10 beads, 10 custom T-stops
  • 12mm: 10 beads, 10 custom T-stops
  • 14mm: 10 beads, 10 custom T-stops

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Note: Due to lack of use, we are no longer including tubing/bead sleeves in the packaging. After much consultation we found that most customers do not see the value of a free sliding bead. If you like to use the tubing, please let us know and we will send some with your order.


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