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BnR Tackle is a pacific northwest based salmon and steelhead company owned and operated by brothers Brandon and Ryan with a deep passion in fisheries. Our focus is on developing unique products in conjunction with some of the top anglers in the industry. Their feedback enables us to provide the products that meet the specific needs of our fisheries

Latest Products


Tuna Hand Lines

BnR Tackle Albacore Tuna Hand Line 65 feet of 200lb Tuna cord High quality 3/0 barrel swivel Bungee Grab onto a Tuna and hold on!  

$29.99 $25.00


Sequins for fishing beads in heavy flow. $1/pack for approximately 20  


Hawk Twitch Jig in action

Twitching Jigs

BnR Tackle Twitching Jigs are hand made in the PNW using premium materials. The jig bodies are manufactured from silicone to produce a bushy, vibrant profile in the water that drive coho and other salmon crazy. The bodies can be scented without affecting the action and dry quickly for easy storage. For even more action […]