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Pacific northwest

(Northern California to BC)

For the purposes of this discussion, the PNW will cover the most northern reaches of California, Oregon, Washington, and southern parts of British Columbia. There are enough unique river systems and fisheries within this range to cover many books of information. This column is meant to convey high-level information and direction without being too specific to any one river system. One of the great joys of fishing is learning unique systems and unlocking the secrets that they hold.

great-lakes-bnr-fishing-tips 1

Great Lakes

The Great Lakes region is an enormous region with diverse run timings and populations. The purpose of this guidance is to provide a high-level overview of applications for bead fishing specific to Salmon and Steelhead.


Alaska is the land of opportunity for so many anglers. There are incredible fish runs, incredible scenery, and those long summer days. There are many wonderful opportunities that exist within the state. The purpose of this document is to share some of our favorite species-specific guidance.